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Meetings can even be set up to automatically call out to a number when the meeting starts. This is a great feature to use for participants that frequently use their phone to join in on calls or who know they will be out of the office when they need to hop on the call. You can use this to call out to international phone numbers as well.

With Zoom Phone, users can leave voicemail messages up to 5 minutes long. You can then play, delete, and save messages that have been left by callers. Messages can be saved for 12 months. Voicemails will automatically sync between desktop and mobile versions, so you can access voicemails however is most convenient.

Users within the same organization can also share their voicemail inbox with other users. This can be great for collaborating within teams and sharing information most efficiently, centralizing and standardizing access. Zoom features for Zoom Rooms are designed for managing teams, which makes it ideally suited for business applications. While they can be used by any user with the appropriate plan, these features would likely not be needed for personal use.

Depending on the size of your team and your business needs, you may benefit from Zoom Rooms. Single-sign on allows participants to login to Zoom using company credentials. This will connect them via the organization account. Single-sign on makes it easy and uniform for all members of your organization to sign in to meetings.

In this way, Zoom acts as a service provider and you do not need to register as a Zoom user to sign in. If the user does not exist, Zoom creates a user account for that user automatically. These can be set up with your Zoom Room system, and will allow you to easily and conveniently manage your meeting rooms using the touch controls on these devices. With a paid plan, cloud recordings are automatically enabled, saving you local storage space and allowing for centralized, convenient access.

Members on your account can then access from one place with ease. Cloud recordings can be streamed directly or downloaded to a local device. The only way to record meetings using iOS or Android is using the cloud recording feature. The Audio transcript option can be used to automatically transcribe the audio from meetings or webinars recorded to the cloud.

Once the transcript is processed, it will appear as a separate. This feature also allows you to display the transcript within the video, much like closed captioning. Transcripts can be reviewed and edited for grammar and punctuation, and will have timestamps so you can easily and quickly navigate the original recording and the transcript. For larger organizations with an on-premise teleconferencing system, Zoom can set up a SIP trunk that provides you a private connection between your network and the Zoom cloud.

Using this, you can avoid using a regular phone line Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN , which saves you costs and gives you a more secure and reliable connection. This can be used to facilitate internal calls, as well as call-ins and call-outs for meetings. Use both video-enabled and audio-only conferencing where the system has been set up.

The Zoom features below are best for video-conferences with many participants. While many are included in the basic plan, they will be used for video meetings with larger teams and are great tools for larger organizations to use in meetings and presentations. The virtual hand-raising feature lets meeting participants raise their hand to alert the meeting host or speaker that they would like to speak.

This is often used to indicate that a participant would like to speak, and helps the host manage when participants jump in to speak and avoid interruptions.

The host can indicate how the participants should use the feature at the beginning of the meeting, so that it is used the same by all participants. This keeps the process smooth and will ensure participants use it the way you want. Image Credit : Zoom Help Center. The polling feature is available during meetings, and lets participants vote on a poll created by the host.

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View the discussion thread for more details. This is true of any nonprofit, even the smallest ones. Ideally, a nonprofit should not spend more on administration than it does on working towards its own goals.

Cost control can be particularly difficult for those organizations that are employing a large number of staff and volunteers in different regions around the world. Right now, many businesses around the world are applying a new method of communication — cloud video conferencing — that ensures higher operating efficiencies.

Similarly, nonprofit organizations can use video communications through Zoom to achieve this exact effect. Do you notice a repeating theme? Efficiency in nonprofits is paramount in their operation and public image.

The moment you organize a march, a volunteer campaign, a viral video campaign like the Ice Bucket Challenge , or a fundraiser, you can have your administrative staff informed of each of their roles and on task with a few clicks of your mouse.

Since Zoom has basically no learning curve, your staff can learn to use the software easily and communicate with one another within minutes of deployment. Additionally, you get access to live chat support options, so you can actually get any help you need quickly and effectively. Zoom Meetings Pro adds some features that could be beneficial to your business as well, including analytical reporting and social media streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube.

You’ll even unlock interoperability with Skype for Business , in the event that your team is transitioning from another platform. If you’re hoping to find a video conferencing plan that caters to medium and large sized businesses, Zoom Meetings Business has got you covered. Zoom Meetings Business comes with all the features we’ve already mentioned, while allowing for up to participants and up to 99 licenses. Naturally, you’re still without the meeting time cap, and you’ll get the live chat support as well as an added phone support option for even more comprehensive customer service.

As you’d expect, you also get more features when you shell out the extra money for the Zoom Meetings Business plan, including branded meetings , cloud recording transcripts , and single sign-on functionality. In addition, you’ll get access to an admin portal that allows you to see all the users in your company on one page. Globally-renowned companies need enterprise-level video conferencing solutions, and that’s where Zoom Meetings Enterprise comes in. Plus, you get access to the same live chat and phone support from the Business plan, to truly get the help you need when you need it.

Outside of the increased meeting participant limit, Zoom Meetings Enterprise also offers some other enticing features for enterprise-level organizations. For one, you’ll get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you improve your communication across your business. Additionally, you’ll get advanced reporting tools in the form of executive business reviews to truly understand how Zoom improves your business.

Zoom Rooms is the specifically business-facing version of the Zoom video chat function. This software-based video conferencing system is compatible with third-party hardware for cameras, speakers, and monitors, allowing for a flexible transition with your existing video conferencing setup. Every plan below supports p HD video and audio quality , 1, meeting participants and 10, webinar viewers , and allows you to join, book, and schedule meetings with a single click.

You’ll be able to integrate meetings with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, and meetings can be recorded and transcribed in real-time. You can even use whiteboard and annotation features, as long as you have a touch-enabled display.

Rather than different plans with increasing features, Zoom Rooms offers all features with every plan, with licenses available for each. You’ll be able to purchase up to 49 rooms at that price, giving you access to all the features listed above. In the event that you need to purchase more than 49 licenses for Zoom Rooms, the Zoom Rooms Enterprise plan can help. You’ll have to contact Zoom’s sales department in order to be assisted with this, so that they can guide you through the large-scale deployment of an enterprise-level solution like this one.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not you’re interested in using Zoom Rooms, the software does come with a day free trial , which gives you access to all the features listed above, at no charge to your business. If you’re looking for more than just a video conferencing solution, Zoom also offers a cloud-based phone solution for voice communications called Zoom Phone.

This unified app will combine phone , chat, and video conferencing into a single platform, giving you complete control over all of your business communications, rather than just video. You’ll even be able to seamlessly transition between phone and video calls, without ever having to hang up. You get so much more than just a unified app with Zoom Phone, too.

You’ll be able to consistently monitor call quality and manage users with a centralized management system, and integrate with popular software like Salesforce, Microsoft Office , and Google G-Suite. Plus, with bit TLS encryption for all users, you can be sure that your business communications are as secure as possible.

The best part of the Zoom Phone pricing plan breakup is that each plan still offers all the features you’ll find with the others. This means, no matter what you pay, you’ll get industry-leading HD call quality , voicemail with transcription , and access to the native mobile apps for Android and iOS , among other things.

The only difference between each plan is where and how often you’ll be able to call. This plan isn’t unlimited, either — it provides metered calling to the US and Canada, so make sure you don’t need the extra minutes before you commit to this one. If you’re running an international business with locations across multiple countries, the Pro Global Select plan might be the way to go.

It offers unlimited calling within 40 different countries and territories. You’ll also get a direct dial number for each license, making calls even easier for everyone. If you find yourself using your Zoom account for all-hands meetings, employee on-boarding, product announcement, or other large virtual events more often than actual video calls, it might be worth looking into Zoom Video Webinar.

This product is specifically catered to webinars, so that you can enjoy specific features designed to make these larger events easier and more engaging. Zoom Video Webinar allows for up to live participants , which can include panelists or just engaged viewers, and up to 50, webinar attendees.

You’ll be able to live stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live, and it even integrates with customer service platforms. You can also record webinars with auto-generated transcription to save for later or provide in online forums. Zoom Video Webinars is also a helpful tool for management, as it provides analytic reporting tools and event assistance to make sure you run the best webinar every single time.

Zoom even offers online event consultations , so you can improve throughout your webinar journey. Rather than offering specific pricing plans with differing features, Zoom Video Webinar offers all its features across the board, with the license price being based on a maximum number of attendees for your webinars. Here is the breakdown of the prices:. For more than 10, attendees, you’ll have to contact Zoom’s sales department to get a catered price for an enterprise-level solution.

In addition to all these great Zoom products, you’ll also be able to add on or join other specific products outside of the standard offerings. Take a look at a few of them below. Remote learning is a new reality for a lot of schools, and Zoom for Education is designed to help with exactly that. This education-focused video conferencing tool allows for unlimited meetings of up to participants.

You will be required to have at least 20 hosts as well, which should be perfect for the average school. This Zoom product offers some great education-focused features, including one-click content sharing , real-time co-annotation , and digital whiteboarding. Plus, with session recording and transcription , you can send lessons to students who are unable to view in real time.


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